Maureen works full time as a scientist but has a strong artistic streak that keeps trying to break out. I got started sewing with simple Halloween costumes for my kids and had a lot of fun making cute and creative outfits for my two boys, Spencer and Sawyer. Another reason to play with sewing came about when we started doing living history as a hobby. It was too expensive to buy garb so I started making it. I first learned about sewing leather by making little leather pouches, and then leather doublets. From there my creativity expanded into medieval style painting and pewter casting. I hope to eventually offer some of these products on LongDog Leather.

When we decided it was time for a new dog after our long time companion Scooter, the big black lab passed on we figured we could encompass our love of medieval re-creation by exploring retired racing greyhounds. After researching the breed we were sold and in September of 2002 along came Bailey, a cute little red fawn girl. That was it, we were hooked! We chipped in January of 2003 with goofy Mr. Murphy, a white and red fawn male. They are a greyt pair, absolutely the best of friends. We then wanted to give something back to our adoption group so we started making greyhound stuff to sell and here we are.

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